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I can show you How to bring a Connection of Healings, Cosmic Awareness, & a Life you Love from a Balanced Mind, Body, Soul & Heart!!

Do you feel like the magic, spiritual connection you once had from childhood, adolescent or adulthood was hard to get or have others in your life led you to believe that it isn’t real?

R3ME Now offers CAD & USD. 

Are you a person who… 

has been interested in energy healing but just didn’t know where to start? or has had done a energy healing certification course & unsure how to move forward?

If this is you, read on!

You don’t need permission to become a healer, you only need to take the leap. 
And, the opportunity to do that is here. 
The path forward has been created and you’re invited to the next step on your healing and magical journey. 

Massage & Reiki Combo Session - Amy K

I'll be telling everyone I know about it! Thanks again for the absolutely amazing session.  I'm already looking forward to my next one.♥️

Healing Reading - Reesa S 

Richelle you have opened me up to new and incredible meditations.  You have brought a new ways of meditation to me. you are amazing. Thank you.

What exactly is this?

In a one year container you will:

  • Be led through shadow work to help remove blocks and hesitations 
  • Find your voice & be loud to shine brightly 
  • Ancestral healing to heal the past to be more present in your life
  • Connect with your mind, body, soul and heart they way you need
  • Monthly Healing Meditations
  • Create your Legacy of spiritual connection

Holy Fire Reiki Course - Erin Crowley

Every time I work with Richelle, I’m blown away by what she picks up on! Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious and you just can’t help but feel amazing after every interaction. And if you’ve ever thought about becoming a Reiki practitioner, I can’t recommend her highly enough. I already had my level 1 Reiki but felt like I needed more. After talking to Richelle I ended up doing Levels 1 & 2 certification with her, and it was a powerful, beautiful experience! She is the real deal!!

You want to be a confident healer and want to use Reiki to do that healing. 

Maybe you’re looking to rebuild your relationship with Reiki & finding the excitement about Reiki & the attunements or placements.


maybe you did a cheap Reiki training & never got attuned with the Reiki Energy & have been using your own energy and feeling completely depleted (and you probably don’t even realize it).

Seeking to discover the balance & harmony within your life while discovering the love of life from spirit & body and knowing your cosmic awareness.

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Join this FREE Class - How to Express your Reiki/Spiritual Energy experience!


Do you want to shift your mindset & start believing in your experiences with energy healing again?

Do you want to connect with your experiences & trust in your spiritual magic again?

 If you said yes, leap into the unknown & come discover the spark again.

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Take a One-on-One Healing Session!

These popular individual healing sessions are a great place to start, if you’re not yet ready to join the yearly membership program.

Healing Sessions

Nice to meet you!

Hi! I’m Richelle, a spiritual life healing teacher. I work with clients & students to heal their Mind, Body, Soul & Heart from ancestral to present life so they can live a life of power, presence, and purpose.


More about me

Voyance Reading Sarah S

Richelle has the beautiful talent of connecting with spirit in a loving and genuine way. I felt very safe during my voyance reading. Her energy is so light and enjoyable. She is also very accurate. I would highly recommend her services. You won't regret it

Reiki & Akashic Energy Clearing Session - Amy L

Richelle is amazing! Her energy is incredible! You can tell she loves what she does and wants to help people any way she can. She makes each person feel loved and valued, because she truly does love and value each and every person she works with. She has a beautiful way of explaining her process and what she sees. If you have never had a session with Richelle, I highly recommend you book one now!

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*Want to CONNECT with spiritual and sensual magic

*See how the Divine Universe always connects with you as a collective

*Learn to TRUST the flow of the Divine messages that come through

*Learn that when spiritual and sensual energy is combined it brings a more POWERFUL STRENGTH that you deserve to experience

*Needing a spiritual healing community that you can be apart of without feeling you need to hide away what you believe in

*Did you know? R3ME's YouTube Channel has a community? (Another reason to subscribe to R3ME's YouTube channel)

*Guided Meditations to connect with you deeply.  (I'll be Live in the comments for these)

Join me Live while I reveal the possibilities of Spiritual Healing and sensual Magic that is tangible, real & always around you!!
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