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Are you ready for a New Magical week & taping into your connection?

Jul 18, 2022
Connections in my life

This week allow yourself to embrace all the experiences, events & the moments where things don’t go the way you thought it would. Rather look at it with a different view of how can you experience this moment & embrace discovering more about who you are.

When these moments come up you get that opportunity to discover more about you. Isn’t that amazing you get to discover more about who you are.

I would love for you to enjoy your week and see what magical moments come through for you.

As there is always magic in everything we do & experience. What is magical to you?

Maybe this will help if you feeling like you are staring at a blank screen or a project or a something you planned out & you are looking at it with deer in head lights;

When i plan out something & it doesn’t work out like for example my R3ME newsletters, I stare at a blank screen lol at times as creating Newsletters on mail-chimp isn’t my strength especially when platforms change. I allow the emotion of frustration to come up, & I pause from the work and go for walks or read a book or watch the sky. But I don’t run away from the challenge I acknowledge it.

Why do i do this it’s because I’m choosing to listen to what i actually need at that moment in time to bring in a connection & embracing a new experience in life. I take that moment & balance it out with a moment i love in my life from being outside, reading a book, going for long walks with my fur babies to watching ducks play.

It’s a way of connecting with self and allowing yourself to ground release & enjoy the moment in time & then a spark of connection will flow of what is needed for a project or how to work through a challenge. As you want to go with the flow without hitting a wall.

If you do hit a wall take a step back, acknowledge what is coming up, do what you need to create flow that isn’t your work & see what clarity comes to mind for what you are working on.

You can do this, you can do anything you put your heart into & this week if you have a challenge bring in a moment in life that you enjoy to balance it out to see a different view of what you are working on.