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What Earth, New World do you wish to create?

Jul 22, 2022

Our world can be a big mixture of unexpected turns, roads, paths even the paths that we didn’t see coming.

With every unexpected turn we get a chance to create a New World/Earth. Yes you get to create what you wish to have in your world. You get to choose what you want to experience from joy, happiness, love.

If you sat down with a cuppa tea/coffee & look outside what does your world look like? Who is in your world? What are you doing within your new world? Do you see the colours? the adventures, the love, the excitement even during a hard or sad moment. Do you see it within your minds eye?

Now sometimes when we take this moment to see how we want to create our world it either comes out exactly how we wanted it or it comes up more than we expected.

But with every creation we have within our hearts we have to meet ourselves & the universe half way. We are part of the physical and the spiritual world and when we work together we get to see the New Earth/New World we creating.

You also have to hold this vision & don’t doubt or hesitate on your vision.
Your belief in yourself is the Key. Believe in yourself & in your New World/New Earth.

You probably thinking but how? Firstly remember you are human you going to doubt, have fears and hesitate its going to happen but the key part is not allowing it to stop you, freeze you in your tracks.
When that fear, doubt, hesitation comes up you know you coming close to another important moment key in your life. Keep going forward keep believing in yourself & the vision you have for your new world/new earth.

You can even start small. & Heres an epic story for you that i’ll be happy to share with you so you can begin start your creation of your new world:

Every day I look at my New World/Earth and I shift & adjust things when the pieces or keys fall into the right moment or place. Also remember you are not losing anything you are making room for what you feel within your heart is connecting with you.

So I what i wanted for my Summer New World/Earth! As it’s summer here in Edmonton and I wanted to have an epic summer. So I looked at my start of my summer and I wanted to be near water, see friends, snuggle my fur babies, relax instead of go go all the time, workout but have a bench for lifting, read, get a tan, work outside on R3ME, float, long walks & create courses.

Well heres what it looks like now….

  • I’m an epic beach bum lol i got myself a kids pool that has drawings of fish, turtles & bubbles on it.

  • I work outside all the time, sunshine & near water “the kids pool”

  • Got my tan on & surrounded by nature

  • Go for long walks. My Kastor fur baby we go playing in flowers & explore

  • I found a workout bench & after trying it out for a week, I can tell you i’m sore AF & thats what I wanted to level up & lift more weights. As working out for me clears my energy to flow through the day.

  • Epic Girls night with my friends - yup thats a bonus

  • snuggle my fur babies, they have been extra snuggle bugs!

  • Talk with my family & spend a lot of time with them

  • Be myself even more everyday & do what I love, discover more of the physical & spiritual world with you as R3ME

  • Read books & find more stories to dive into

  • Create courses & memberships that are for you with R3ME! This brings me so much joy & excitement for you as you get to explore more about yourself.

and summer isn’t over & i’m still creating my new world. As you have to start somewhere to see what an amazing world you have from within & around you.

When you start small, then you can begin expanding! Believe in what world you would love in your life. And this is where you begin to find the balance of life & learn to love your life even more as life isn’t going to be perfect but as long as you have excitement in your heart you can create.

Go grab that tea/coffee & ask yourself What does your New World/Earth look like? go explore.