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Who Are You?

Jul 29, 2022
Shine your light

Do you know who you are? are you still that kid at heart, do you allow yourself to be playful? Do you allow yourself to shine? Do you allow your heart to shine? Do you express who you are fully? Do you hesitate to shine your whole original self brightly into the world?

When you stand in front of a mirror and look at your eyes deeply. Do you see your soul shinning through your eyes reflecting who you are. As the eyes is the window to our essence.

When you look at your reflection through your eyes from spirit to physical are you being your whole original self, or are you hiding parts of self from the world.

Are there parts of self that is calling to you that is saying “Hey it’s more than okay to be your whole original self.” Your whole self is beautiful you are meant to bring yourself forward into the world. You are allowed to shine into the world as you have so much to express into the world.

Your expression of self is as important as anyone else’s. You are allowed to shine your whole self from mind, body, soul & heart. As every part of self is important. read that again! 

When we hide part of selves we begin to shift it into a shadow, creating beliefs, blocks, cycles, contracts. As that’s how we create those blocks without realizing it for ourselves, children, ancestors & future.

How do I know I created a block or hidden part/s of self into the shadows?

Good question…

Look at your cup of life, does it feel like something is missing, do feel your cup is half empty, do you feel you constantly trying to fill your cup, but there is something pulling at you repeating “hey you” “Hey why not say or show your heart to those in your life?” or that feeling in your stomach or heart when you think i should have said something or leaped into that door. Because that part of you knows you can do it, that part of you believes in you to walk through that door or leap or say something that was needed.

When you are shinning who you are fully your belief in yourself becomes stronger, you remembering how much you believe in yourself as your beacon of light shines deeper and deeply into the world.

Your shadow self has so much light that is hidden. You have so much light to give to yourself and to the world. You don’t have to hide who you are, you can embrace who you are. When you embrace who you are you accepting every part of self. Embrace yourself allow your light to shine through and be seen and heard.

From this moment shine who you are, leap into the parts you hidden in the shadows. Even if its a small leap, leap into self & embrace your light of life.

Next time you stand in front of the mirror, really look into those eyes & ask yourself are you hiding a light of shelf that is hidden within the shadows and if you feel called to do so repeat these words below to remember the beautiful light. I have set the intention from a High Vibration of Healing Love to release & begin a healing to bring forth your light even more into the world today!

You deserve to shine who you are!

Shine Brightly, Be Brave & Shine!

You deserve to shine who you are!

Loosen your grip of self & surrender to be seen & heard!

You deserve to shine who you are!

Believe in yourself, your light!

Shine Who You Are!