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You Are Pure Beauty in this Word!!

May 13, 2022

We sometimes wonder how do we get clear about who we are, how do we get clear about what moments we love in our life. We also sometimes wonder how do we get clear of the life we have or the path we are on.

We ask the how? but have you thought that the answer is so much closer to home, as the answers we seek is within our divine light and hearts. When we allow ourselves to tap into our pure light  thats when begin to find out what truly brings us joy, excitement, happiness. 

Just by taking 3-5 breaths to release the overwhelming feelings and thoughts can change a view. Allowing you to see a different perspective and getting a little more of the pieces of how to get clear on what you are seeking.

As you are meant to have a balanced Life you Love as you are becoming more aware of the cosmic awareness of self.

Life is meant to be exciting, full of happiness, joy, passion and connecting with our dreams and creating an inner inspiration for us to dig deep. But you probably wondering how?! at this point due to life always pulling you away or going through low and high moments of life.  

But what I can tell you is that getting clear isn't done in a day, you have to sit take a pen to paper, journal, draw and truly see what it is in Life you wanting to be clear about.  But ask yourself each item you write or draw does it excite you? does it fill your heart with passion and inspiration.  Does it make your Life feel more connected and bring you to loving your life more deeply as you are digging deep into self. The way you know what has shifted is by looking at your life and seeing what you are loving more in your life and seeing what has shifted into more light.

Then the fun begins even more. When you have taken the time to discover how to get clear, without holding back thats when you get to shoot for the sun, moon and stars. As everything is connected as they are aligned within the universe bridging all the connections for our mind, body, soul & heart unlocking the keys to our pure divine self of beauty to shine. As you truly a pure beauty in this world that knows how to shine brightly it's just allowing yourself to be truly clear.

When we more clear the more we shine and flow!!  

May this piece create a moment for you to get clear on how to Shoot for the Sun, Moon & Stars so you can shine brightly within the universe!!


  • There is a little oracle message video for you as its all about getting clear. Hope it brings you a little more pieces to get clear!!