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Healing L Legacies Membership Program CAD

This membership/course is for you that has done Reiki Training or looking to do the training. 

This is also an exciting membership/course if you saying now what? after you did your training somewhere or with someone else.

Maybe you looking to rebuild your relationship with Reiki & finding the excitement about Reiki & the attunements or placements in my case.

or maybe you did a cheap Reiki training & never got attuned with the Reiki Energy & have been using your own energy and feeling completely depleted.

Seeking to discover the balance & harmony within your life while discovering the love of life from spirit & body and knowing that the cosmic awareness.

This is more than just a membership/course it's about unlocking the Keys within our life & creating the possibilities from the spiritual & physical world.

Plus my Usui Holy Fire Level I & II training is included for review or for taking it the first time and you can go in your own pace.  & You get to spend time with R3ME to get the placements & to make sure you are flowing with the Life Force & a new certificate.

What you'll get:

  • 10+- Healing Chambers of Shadow Work. To push through any barriers, blocks, beliefs
  • Monthly Healing Love Meditation - Live with R3ME
  • Monthly Reiki Teaching - Group - Live with R3ME
  • Monthly Virtual Reiki/Energy Healing Circle - Live with R3ME
  • Access to Level I & II Holy Fire Reiki Training to Review at your own pace
  • 1 Burst 30 Min Reiki Session with R3ME per year
  • Access to R3ME's knowledge 

The Healings that are included to bring in the Cosmic Awareness:

  • Abundance Chair
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Forgiveness
  • A Letter
  • Teaching Monthly how to connect with the Symbols for yourself & your clients.
  • Finding your spiritual voice
  • Mind, Body, Soul & Heart alignment
  • Life Force & Chakra Connections
  • & so much more

Disclaimer:  This is a 1 year commitment.

What People Are Saying:

'First time I had that experience...and the visions I was seeing, amazing. tingled all over..felt I was floating in water... If you want to change your life....start here...clear the blockages. I am very grateful for my beautiful Richelle Ross ..grateful that she is in this lifetime with me...and I believe past lifetimes....and that it was Richelle that I felt completely comfortable with and allowed her to work on me and gave me such an amazing healing experience"

Gwendoline Jensen

Thank you Richelle! This weekend was so Magical! I couldn't have asked for a better teacher. Goes to show that the Universe always takes us exactly where we need to go. So grateful to go on this path with you, especially grateful for the rabbit holes! Thank you for the gift of your beautiful presence and energy.