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Hi! I’m Richelle of R3 Magical Essence, Welcome to the Healing L Legacies Podcast! May Every episode you feel called to find your collective flow that is part of your story within this world to unlock the divine conscounesss’ of light from within. As we all hold the Keys to unlock all the doors & windows to the enlightenment of our truest selves. On the Healing L Legacies you will find The Divine Consciousness Connection of Healings, The Cosmic Awareness of balancing the mind, body, soul & heart through beautiful healing mediations, Live event recordings, & beautiful Akashic Records Soul Messages for the collective to help us experience our life with Power, Purpose and the high Presence of Love. If you would love to discover more about R3ME. You can find me @r3 magical essence on Instagram , Facebook, YouTube & Tiktok as I Would love to have you there. Link to Discover R3ME: Thank you so much for listening. Until we meet again Divine Souls may love & light surround you.