Learn how to EXPRESS your Reiki/Spiritual Energy Healing Experience without doubting what is Real & Magical to you.

Hosted by Richelle, the master online spiritual teacher with over 21 years of experience.


Learn How To

trust what is real for you without doubting your experience 

Learn How To

create tangible experiences with spiritual healing & magical moments in your life

Learn How To

Shine brightly with each spiritual experience

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What you experience during your spiritual healing is a connection to your life, your story, your purpose, your path.

Trusting your 

Magical inner child takes courage to awaken 

Your magic & belief to your spiritual healing experience

In the end you are surrendering & letting go to yourself & spiritual team & saying yes to the connection, healing, magic to begin the flow of what you need in that moment. It's your mind, body, soul & heart that is connecting to the light of the Divine Consciousness to who you believe in.   

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