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Thank You All for the Love & Support! I'm Beyond Grateful for All of You & that we Crossed Paths on Our Journeys within this world. From My Heart to Yours!


See what clients have to say about R3 Magical Essence and our reiki, akashic records, coaching, and meditation services.

Holy Fire Reiki Course - Erin Crowley

Every time I work with Richelle, I’m blown away by what she picks up on! Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious and you just can’t help but feel amazing after every interaction. And if you’ve ever thought about becoming a Reiki practitioner, I can’t recommend her highly enough. I already had my level 1 Reiki but felt like I needed more. After talking to Richelle I ended up doing Levels 1 & 2 certification with her, and it was a powerful, beautiful experience! She is the real deal!!

Reiki & Akashic Energy Clearing - Angelique Brooks

My session with R3ME really helped me heal in an area of my life I thought I let go of, but was still lingering in the background. Richelle helped me open doors, let go of past experiences and provided me additional support for forgiveness. I can’t express how grateful I am to her and guidance on this journey. You truly are amazing at what you do! The amount of care and energy that goes in your work is out of this world. Thank you!

Healing Reading - Shailyn Olynek

Amazing healing reading, Richelle is one of a kind in the greatest of ways and I guarantee you won't be disappointed with your experience.

Akashic Records Reading  - Sarah S

Richelle has the warmest energy! She explained everything she saw in great detail as it was presented to her by my guides. She did some major healing and gave me such wonderful information. I would do another session again in a heartbeat.

Akashic Records Reading - Kandi C

Richelle is receptive to spiritual insight she receives. She is humble, and is truly in service to others! Let her gifts give you better insight to answering your questions. You will not be disappoonted!

Voyance Reading Sarah S

Richelle has the beautiful talent of connecting with spirit in a loving and genuine way. I felt very safe during my voyance reading. Her energy is so light and enjoyable. She is also very accurate. I would highly recommend her services. You won't regret it.

Akashic Records Reading - Kelly G

I'm amazed at R3's connection and ability to not only help me with my concerns but give me the direction and ability to follow through with ancestral (and familial) healing I've been working on for over a year. She took my healing abilities to a whole new level. Thank you Richelle, I will be back for more Akashic record readings after applying your healing assignments.

Akashic Records Reading - Bridget Y

This was absolutely amazing! Before this session I was feeling that I was missing a message, and felt totally scattered. After hearing from my guides I feel much calmer and more collected to move forward. The super detailed vision that Richelle was able to explain was totally entertaining and worth it alone! Thank you so much for sharing your talents!!!

Akashic Records Reading - Johanna B

Richelle is a lovely, gentle, kind, sweet soul. She is the REAL DEAL! She is so connected, talented, and our in her communication with spirit, guides, and the higher power. She explains the process, and is respectful in her approach. Her delivery is clear, concise, and tender. She holds such a safe space for incredibly personal and intense work to be done. Do NOT hesitate to book a session with her. You will not be disappointed!! I wish you the best on your soul journey. With Richelle, you are in the best possible hands!!

Reiki & Akashic Energy Clearing Session - Amy L

Richelle is amazing! Her energy is incredible! You can tell she loves what she does and wants to help people any way she can. She makes each person feel loved and valued, because she truly does love and value each and every person she works with. She has a beautiful way of explaining her process and what she sees. If you have never had a session with Richelle, I highly recommend you book one now!

Akashic Records Reading - Jessica

I had an amazing experience with my reading. Richelle is truly gifted.

Akashic Records Reading & Creations with SaFire Arts - Kristine D

I am so ecstatic about my reading and so pleased that Richelle was able to access it for me and tell me and let my guardians tell me what I was needing to hear. It really resonated with me and it was what I was needing for the longest time. I am ready to take all the information my guardians shared with me and grow and move into my next phases. Thank you so much for all that you have done for me Richelle. It really helped me.

Akashic Records Reading Carrie M

I recently had an akashic records reading from Richelle. I didn't know what to expect, but the information and insight she was able to share with me was incredible!! I keep reading and rereading the information she gave me and each time it sends energy pulsing through my body. I think everyone should have a reading done by Richelle, it is a phenomenal, even life changing experience! Thanks Richelle!!

Akashic Records Reading  Angela A

My Akashic Records session was amazing! Richelle has such a comforting and reassuring presence, I felt completely at ease the entire time. She was able to communicate very intuitively some beautiful messages from my guides and we got so much confirmation of connection to my life, it was truly one of the best experiences I've ever had. I recommend any of Richelle's services 100%! If you feel that hint of something telling you to book with her, do it. My only regret is that I sat on the fence for as long as I did!

Holy Fire Reiki Training - Irene

Thank you Richelle! This weekend was so Magical! I couldn't have asked for a better teacher. Goes to show that the Universe always takes us exactly where we need to go. So grateful to go on this path with you, especially grateful for the rabbit holes! Thank you for the gift of your beautiful presence and energy.

Voyance Reading - Brooke

DO IT!!! A beautiful experience Wow, not sure if there are proper words for this experience. I am still processing all that was transmitted through Richelle to me. You are gifted, and Divine, and Love. I felt supported and loved and well, as if my energetic family visited me. I was having such a difficult time breathing all that day...after the reading it was as if the elephant that was sitting on my chest vanished. I still cant really express the amount of synchronicities that took place! My gratitude and appreciation. Thank you so much.

Akashic Energy Clearing-Jenny W

Richelle is a joy to work with. I would give a 5, but it was hard understanding at the end as the speaker was cutting in and out.

*Since this Review I've updated my system :) 

Akashic Records Reading Anonymous

Absolutely amazing! Richelle is an amazing soul and her connection is mind blowing.

Akashic Energy Clearing-Anonymous

TRY IT! I really felt the energy with this session!

Reiki-Naomi R

It is a place to feel loved and supported, as well as receive healing and relaxation, even when you don't feel like sharing what you're going through. XO

Akashic Energy Clearing with Meditation-Lady J

So amazing, I liked beginning with the meditation then finishing off with the akashic record reading. The vibes from Richelle are amazing, it was a lot different from our last sessions doing the two combined. The intention I had going in was very specific, and my feedback I got from Richelle and my spirit guides was bang on. Absolutely, I believe everyone should receive the magic of Richelle. She is so gently and kind, and amazing at what she does! Especially for those who are in need of support. Thank you SO much Richelle ????

Akashic Energy Clearing Session      Sarah S

I would say its definitely worth doing. Especially if you are interested in energy centers and how your energy is viewed from your higher self. It was very enlightening! The audio on zoom isn't very good so the music came through very choppy. It may be better to have the audio on silent for the actual healing part. Other than that it was wonderful!

*Since this review i've updated my system :)

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Reiki & Akashic Energy  Clearing         Gwendoline Jensen

First time I had that experience...and the visions I was seeing, amazing. tingled all over..felt I was floating in water... If you want to change your life....start here...clear the blockages. I am very grateful for my beautiful Richelle Ross ..grateful that she is in this lifetime with me...and I believe past lifetimes....and that it was Richelle that I felt completely comfortable with and allowed her to work on me and gave me such an amazing healing experience

Akashic Energy Clearing Anonymous 

You need to go & experience this, it will help you! I could feel the grounding at my feet and I was relaxed.

Akashic Energy Clearing Amy

It was such a beautiful, calming, energizing session and it was positively an amazing experience! I have told and tell my friends that Richelle is amazing! I love Richelle and her energy.

Reiki & Akashic Energy Clearing Judy D

Richelle has amazing abilities and is quite humble about the whole thing. You can only receive what will be beneficial for you and your highest good from Richelle whether you are aware of it on your energetic level or not. although the session itself is done in silence Richelle shares the whole process afterwards which makes it awesome! What I enjoyed the most is when Richelle shares of what she experienced during her work on me with her healing guides and having the Three Sisters join in.

             Reiki & Akashic Energy Clearing                Danielle Featherston

The details that Richelle gives is amazing and will change your life. This session is amazing and extremely helpful and if you open your mind it will change your world and expand it. Richelle is an amazing healer and person.

Akashic Energy Clearing Johanna B

Wonderful. Loving. Transformative. Surreal. When you are ready for true transformation, book an Akashic Energy Clearing/Healing Session with Richelle. I look forward to booking another session in a couple months.

Akashic Records Reading Johanna B

Don't hesitate! Do yourself a favor and book an appointment immediately so you can embrace and connect to your higher self. The calm kind demeanor Richelle has, and her ease and confidence in her ability to connect with spirit and guides and then convey that back to the client. The gentleness and kindness Richelle approaches/delivers the session. And her clarity in description and explanation. She is magical! She's such an earth angel. I'm left awestruck, curious, content and want to connect with spirit and guides in that manner one day. Such an amazing gift. This won't be my last Akashic reading!

       Reiki & Akashic Energy Clearing              J Dougall

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience with Richelle. She was authentically herself and a delight to converse with. I was very relaxed and at ease. Richelle's intuition and Clairvoyance was humbling and very much appreciated. Richelle is charming with loads of enthusiasm to work with. Her clear spiritual sight makes the session so meaningful and precious. I would love to work with Richelle again to witness how she will continue to expand her abilities and become more incredible with how she helps her clients.

Akashic Records Reading Danielle F

Richelle can get you the answers you seek, she is amazingly supportive through this journey, it is truly life changing. Do this it will change your life, it will give you answers, and just fill you with love and magic. Thank you Richelle I can't say it enough

Reiki Danielle Featherson

This will give you answers and help you figure out what is going on with you. Richelle is amazing at telling you everything and making sure you understand. I love the details that Richelle give about what she did. After the session It was really good as I felt so energized.

Akashic Records & Reiki -AB

The doctor called me this morning. I'm pregnant!! It was funny how 4 and 6 I looked back to our akashic records piece of paper because I was sure those were important numbers somehow lol. 4 was the number of assisted cycles it took and 6 was the month it happened in. I thought I'd share with you since you helped me get here. So thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Akashic Records Reading Kandi C

I had an Akshaic Records reading with Richelle. From the moment I first met her online during the reading, I felt validated in my current timeline, as we were both wearing the same shade of royal purple- her shirt, my leggings! (Which she never saw.) While the real time aesthetic was synchronistic, by her description of my room, there was no doubt the information she was seeing was correct. I appreciate this beautiful soul and am grateful to have had the opportunity to further enhance my soul's healing and my purpose validated. Thank for sharing your gifts with the world, my friend! Much love! ❤️

Usui Holy Fire Reiki Course Naomi R

I saw Richelle for appointments and later trained with her in Holy Fire Reiki levels I and II. Each time I am around her, I feel such safety, warmth, and love and a deep knowledge that I am being supported by her energetically. I always feel more clarity after our meetings. Training with her increased my sensitivity and knowledge of how to work with this energy, and I look forward to empowering others in the future with what I have been taught.

Energetic Healing-RJ

Energetic healing is for anyone who is unable to express themselves to a doctor, counsellor or physiologist, as you can go for 3, 6 to 10 treatments till you feel comfortable to express yourself with Richelle it’s one session. With energy healing work, you don’t have to express yourself as she sees, feels, hears and knows everything while you are in silence and while receiving the benefits of healing and releasing what is needed at that time. When she talks to you after the session you are left with an emotional release from tears to the thought of that someone actually heard my soul calling for help without needing to use my voice. It is also for anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable to express to a stranger, family, friends, counsellor, due to fear of judgement, been hurt, reactions from others that took their voice away.

Akashic Records Reading Tara.U

I bow my head in gratitude. Richelle has a rare gift that she is willing to share with the world. If you haven’t had a session with her yet, you are missing out.

Reiki to Akashic Records & other Spiritual Healings-Kerra Hutchinson

Richelle has been a huge blessing to my mental and physical wellness. From Reiki to Akashic Records and other Spiritual Healings, I have found peace and comfort with several difficulties from my past, things I may have not even thought of for years that were an underlying root cause. Every time I leave my treatment with Richelle, I am feeling zen and light. Richelle is very humble and goes above and beyond for her clients. I highly recommend Richelle as she is genuine and I find comfort and trust in her. Thank you for everything you do Richelle!

Akashic Records Reading & Reiki Michelle V

Richelle is awesome, authentic, and her readings are spot on. My husband and I have done past life regression in the past, we are both very spiritual. I had never, prior to Richelle, done a Reiki or Akashic session. Richelle was spot on with her Akashic access, so much so that she identified my guides, exactly as others have visualized them, provided the same understanding of the relationship between me and my husband over time, and a number of other things. I never alluded to any of this prior to our reading. I also gained the insight I was seeking. She also, in a group Reiki session, simultaneously saw my father (to her it was just a person) interrupt her to deliver a message to me. As this was occurring I almost apologized to her for his interruption, but didn't say anything until after it was over, to see if she would mention it. And she did. I 100% trust in her connection, her good heart, and with access to my world. These were "distance" sessions, which I was hesitant about, but the distance is not a barrier in any way with Richelle. I would highly recommend that if you are considering a session, to just do it!

Reiki Heather Br

Absolutely incredible! She is truly connected to spirit xo

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Akashic Records Reading Holly W

Richelle is a truly gifted spiritual super star! I had an Akashic Records reading, and mini healing session with her yesterday. Everything she said resonated with me and the healing totally washed a warm, loving sensation over my body. I absolutely needed to hear what my guides said to her and feel like I’m on the right path in life now. I cannot thank her enough and fully with all of my being recommend her services. She is genuinely a beautiful soul and I thank the Universe for putting her in my path. Soooo much love Richelle!!

Akashic Records Reading Desi B

I had a Sneak Peek message Akashic Record reading from Richelle which resonated with me. Later that week I booked a hour long reading with her. I was seeking answers on where and when did my anger and depression begin. I found the answers I was looking for. We then followed with some healing. Wow the experience was intense but in a good way. Richelle is very easy to connect with. Even though we were going over some tough memories not once did I feel uncomfortable always safe and free from judgement. There is so much love and light within the session and experience. Each day I feel more content and calmer. I never thought a healing like this was possible. I highly recommend R3 Magical Essence. I look forward to more sessions and healing. THANK YOU RICHELLE

Akashic Records Reading Kelly R

I was so intrigued after watch Richelle's mini Akashic Records readings live that I just had to book a session! It was absolutely amazing. Richelle confirmed a past life for me and provided so much information on that and other subjects! She also did a mini healing portion at the end which I'm truly grateful for. Richelle is a truly gifted and amazing soul! I highly recommend her services. I can't wait to book another session!

Akashic Records Reading Kelly McClorey

I loved how comfortable I felt and how much fun I had. Since my reading I have felt so much lighter and better. I got so many answers and clarification to some pretty big changes and moves I am about to make. I would highly recommend Richelle to any and everyone!

Akashic Records Reading-R.A

She knew where my blocks were coming from and we healed them and I had a great session with Richelle.

Akashic Record Reading Tiffany Kloster

I had an Akashic Records reading from Richelle and it was a wonderfully enlightening experience. I found her candidness refreshing and her laughter at some of what she was seeing put me at ease while she described the events before her. Such a pleasant experience. She was able to describe things to me that made no sense to her but resonated with me. She even described what I see during my struggles in visual meditation and how to unblock myself. I found the answers I needed through her determination to help me understand what my guides were showing her. Such a gifted young lady! I will definitely get another reading from her soon.

Reiki Aromatouch-S.A

Richelle Ross of R3 Magical Essence is fantastic! I recently had an Aroma Touch Session with her and to be honest I knew nothing about it going in. Richelle explained everything to me and ensured that I was comfortable above all else. The environment was warm, peaceful and relaxing. After the session I felt energized and more clear than I have in a while. Thank you so much Richelle and I look forward to our next session!

Guided Meditation Jennifer Raffan

Richelle did a fantastic job of my guided meditation! She was professional, made me feel comfortable, & has a soothing voice. A very positive experience for this 1st timer.

Akashic Record Reading Bev W

Hmmm were do I start , I was a little stuck for the past 2 years off and on . and when the divine time was right ,and I was done punishing myself ,Richelle Ross entered my life, She went in to my Akashic records spoke to my guides , and help me get unstuck ,as well as under standing my guides once again ,with the gifts from all my little helpers , I felt so good all day long ,How does it get any better then this ,what else is possible

Akashic Records Reading Tara.U

I have so many things to be grateful for but what stands out this week, is Richelle Ross and her reading of my Akashic Records. While I'm still working through it (it only happened yesterday), puzzle pieces are already starting to fall into place and I feel a huge sense of relief. Many of the things holding me back and the pressures that came with them are being peeled away and I can breathe and expand and be me.

               Akashic Records Reading                 Noemie Lee Johnson

​​"Sometimes, the stars align in a way that is so clearly meant to help you through your journey. For me, a few weeks ago they did when I stumbled serendipitously across Richelle's website. Up until that very moment I had never heard of Akashic Records nor why I might want to reach out to mine. ​I messaged Richelle, who made the whole process very simple and clear. I loved how the session itself felt very transparent, as Richelle walked me through all that she was uncovering. What a healing experience! I loved that during my session, there were intuitive signals on my end that confirmed (to the skeptic in me) that she was indeed speaking a Higher truth.​Her willingness to share such a powerful gift is so incredible! ​​Being able to see through the heart is not a given for most of us, and I was even more taken honored that she shared so very much of hers. Not many people do... and it has such huge rippling effects - in my life it sure did! What a gift it is to be able to access Akashic Records. If you are ready to do so, Richelle will be such a loving and safe traveler through yours.

Akashic Records Reading Susan Wilkin

Thank you so much for this, It was a surprise to get an audio recording. So much to take in. I have listened to it a couple of times now and so much reflects the way that I have felt for a long time. I am so glad that my friend recommended you to me as you have helped me in more ways than I can describe.

Akashic Records Reading Shannon C

I found Richelle in a group we are both in. I ended up asking for a reading from her. My reading turned out really good and gave me alot of helpful information. I definitely recommend getting a reading from her. Thank you Richelle.

Energetic Healing Susan C

Richelle is a person with passion. She cares about her clients deeply. I recommend her highly. With her gift and compassion she is awesome... Thank you Richelle

Akashic Records Reading Tiana L

I had an Akashic Records reading with Richelle and it was awesome! Very intriguing and insightful! It felt like I was being taken on the journey through my records with her. I definitely recommend her to anyone interested!

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